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Apple unveils Apple Watch 8 as the next Apple Watch model

The Apple Watch 8, the newest member of their Watch Series, was launched at the Special Live Event held yesterday (7).

It is designed in three models namely Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Titanium the Aluminum model is available in 04 colours Midnight, Starlight, Blue, and Product Red, the Stainless Steel model is available in 03 colours Silver, Graphite, and Gold and the Titanium model is available in Black and Silver colours. will happen Also, there are many straps to choose from for these models.

It includes a new Temperature sensor, which Apple says “furthers its commitment to women’s health.” The Series 8 also includes two motion sensors to detect if you’ve been in a serious car accident.

Apple Watch 7 Unboxing and Features
Apple Watch 7 Unboxing and Features

The company says it can track temperature changes as small as 0.1 degrees Celsius, and it checks your temperature every five seconds. Monitoring your body temperature overnight can provide insight into your menstrual cycle, which can be used to improve the watch’s circle follow feature for menstruators. The company further says that this data is encrypted on the watch itself and in no case can any other party or Apple company read this data.

The crash detection feature only works while you are driving, which helps preserve the watch’s 18-hour battery life. Apple introduces a low-power mode that extends the watch’s battery life up to 36 hours. This feature will also come to older watches starting with Series 4, which they run watchOS 9 on. By activating this mode, the always-on display and the auto workout tracking facility will also be disabled.

Compared to last year’s Series 7, the screen is enlarged and has a somewhat updated design. Apart from this redesign, it will only include a few new features.


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