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It is reported that the trial production of the iPhone 14 has started.

Apple is planning to release the iPhone 14 series as their next smartphone in the next few months, and it is reported that the company has high expectations for that lineup.

iPhone 14

According to the reports, Apple has started trial production of the iPhone 14 series, and the company expects that it will sell more than the previous phone series, i.e., iPhone 13.

Apple iPhone 14 & 14 Pro Guided...
Apple iPhone 14 & 14 Pro Guided Tour

The latest reports state that the trial production of this smartphone series has already started, and the company plans to mass produce it in August. As mentioned earlier, Apple further informs the suppliers that the initial sales of the iPhone 14 series will be higher than the iPhone 13 series launched last year.

iPhone 14

The company says that iPhone 13 lineup still has good sales, contrary to reports that iPhone sales will decrease from July due to the need for iPhone 14 series. However, according to the passing period, the overall demand for all smartphones is at a minimum, but Apple sees good sales results.

iPhone 14

You may remember that we reported that the price of the Apple iPhone 14 series compared to the iPhone 13 series would increase by about $100 based on the increase in the cost of the raw materials required for the devices, supply constraints, and other economic reasons. However, customers will have to wait for a few more months until the release to know the details of the fixed prices for sure.



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