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Arduino for Beginners

This is the first article in our Arduino article set.

So let’s first look at what an Arduino board is and what an Arduino board can do.
Arduino is an open-source platform. Because of that, anyone has the ability to develop and make a difference. When working with this Arduino board we need input and output devices. These are created on a large scale by companies around the world.
The Arduino board is a combination of several companies. This board has a main microprocessor inside. It was manufactured by a company called Atmel. There are several commonly used microprocessor types. They are,
Arduino pro mini
Arduino nano
Arduino Uno
Arduino mega

Although small in size, each of these microprocessors contains a processor, RAM and flash memory.
For example in an Arduino Uno,
Clock speed 16 MHz
Flash memory 32 KB
EEPROM contains 1KB.

If you look at it like this, it shows a function similar to a computer.

If this microprocessor works like a computer then why do we work with an Arduino board?
When working directly with this chip we have some problems. They are,

  1. Possible problems with power supply
    These chips work in capacities like 3V and 5V. This is a very delicate chip that can burn out even with a small voltage change. As a solution to this, we can control a power regulator on the Arduino board. It provides about 12V of power but does not damage the chip.
  2. How to connect a microprocessor to a computer?
    We can not connect this chip directly to a computer. For that, we need an Arduino board. This Arduino board comes with a USB port. We can connect our processor through this port. Through this USB port, the signal is converted to fit the microchip
    So now we understand why we need an Arduino board.

How do we buy this Arduino board?

First, you can buy this Arduino board from the Arduino web store. But when you buy from this site, the price goes up a bit.
Or you can buy an Arduino board made by companies other than the Arduino company from sites like aliexpress and eBay.
Or we can easily buy an Arduino board from an electronics shop in Sri Lanka, 1st Lane, Hati Fort.

But it was not enough for us to have only one board when working on this Arduino. We need a few more tools. If you can get an Arduino learning kit then it will be very easy to work ahead.

So we hope you have a good understanding of what Arduino is in this first article. In the
In the second article we will explain what are the components of the Arduino board and what are their functions. I invite you to stay tuned with this article set.



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