Tuesday, September 6, 2022
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Google is preparing to provide low-cost mobile phones for low-income earners

In today’s world, smartphones are manufactured using the best technology available in the world. And there are cases where the price of some of those phones even exceeds 1,000 US dollars. Because of this, most people lose the ability to buy those mobile phones as well as miss them.

But changing this situation, Google and Q Link Wireless, a low-cost internet service provider, have jointly created a program to enable low-income earners to get the experience of a good mobile phone. Accordingly, eligible customers will be able to purchase a brand new Pixel 6a mobile phone for US$250.

To get this discount, the relevant persons must be connected with the Q Link company’s federal program. Through that program, free internet services and free telephone services are provided to low-income earners.

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Commenting on this, a representative of Q Link Wireless Company has made a note that the mobile phone provided through this program will produce a future scientist or a young producer, or a future president.

“This phone will find its way to the hands of a future scientist in a broken home, to the hands of a young producer with dreams bigger than him, or maybe even the hands of the future president, – Google”

Americans with an annual income of less than $30,000 have less access to new technology, and surveys have revealed that about 40% of American homes do not have broadband Internet access, a laptop, or a computer.


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