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How to make Drone part One

This is the first article in our Drone article set.

Today we will see what accessories we need to build a drone.

Let us first look at the frame of this. This is a 500 Alien multi-copret frame. The upper part is made of glass fiber. The four arms are made of plastic. This frame has a separate section for mounting the camera and a separate section for mounting the battery.

Let us now look at Brushless Motors. We need four brushless motors for this. This model is called A2212 930KV. You can see there are three wires like this. By changing the red and yellow wires we can change the direction of rotation.

There are two things to keep in mind when buying these motors. These are the KV value and the trust weight.

KV value is the area of ​​rotation when one voltage is applied. When we divide the RPM by the voltage we can find the KV value of this.

We need a special circuit to control these motors. That is this electronic speed controller. This is a 30 amp electronic speed controller. When we buy this we need to see if it provides a facility called BEC. (linear mode) This means that it should also work as a valtage regulator. This allows us to power the receiver or the fly controller. The three wires labeled A, B and C are connected to the motors. By changing the A and B of this we can change the direction of rotation of the motor. It is powered by two red and black wires on the other side. Then the signal is handled by the other length cable that is the.

Let us now look at the power distribution board. This is what supplies power to the electronic speed controller or motor.

This is the flight controller.

This is an open-source CC3D Openpilot flight controller. It has a mini usb port. We can easily plug and program this. As you can see there is a separate port for input signal and a port with 6 pins for output. It also has two sensors. They help to balance our drone.

Now let’s look at propellers. Simply put, these are the wings of a drone. We need two clockwise propellers and two counter-clockwise propellers. This one is 10 inches long. This middle section has a 45-degree angle. These are prone to breakage so it is best to keep them close by.

Now let’s look at the Lipo battery. This is a battery with a voltage of 11.1. It consists of three cells. Its capacity is 5200 mAh. So when we choose this battery, it would be good if we can get a higher capacity battery.

Here is the charger used to charge this battery. It has three LED bulbs to show if all three cells are charged. Also, the two cells can be connected even to a battery.

Let us now look at the transmitter. This is a flysky FS CT6B 6 Channel transmitter. Normally this should have at least 4 channels. Along with that, you will find a receiver like this.

So if we have these devices we can easily and quickly build a drone. We hope you have understood today’s lesson well. So in the next part, we will show you how to connect these devices.

We invite you to stay tuned for our tutorial in the future.


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