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How to make money through Google AdSense? Step No. 01

You may remember that we brought an article about eight easy ways to make money online. There was a request from many people to explain about earning money through a website mentioned in that article. So we decided to bring you a series of articles from an expert in the field. Here you will learn what AdSense is, how to create your website and how to SEO your articles.

Google AdSense
  • Introduction; AdSense for blogs: What we will do here is a small introduction about what we are trying to learn.
  • Dealing with domain and hosting: In the second part, we are waiting to see how to find the domain name you want, select your domain name and get hosting to host your website.
  • Getting started with WordPress: In this section, we hope to know how to install the WordPress we use to create the website on our hosting or web server.
  • Building the site: After installing WordPress for hosting, we hope to discuss how to develop our website through WordPress.
  • SEO article writing: Here, we will tell you how to SEO an article we write.
  • AdSense apply: How to apply AdSense to your website?

In this article, we are going to talk about the first topic first. That means we are going to talk about this in a little introduction.

Introduction; AdSense for blogs

Google Adsense is one of its affiliates of Google. This is the largest agency in the world that provides space for online ads publisher. Advertisements through AdSense are served through Google AdWords, another affiliate service of Google. Imagine that you are running a business selling mobile phones through a website. Now you need to increase your sales. You know that if you want to increase sales, you have to increase the number of visitors to the website. You can use Google Adword for this. You advertise your business by paying for Google AdWords.

How are ads displayed on AdSense?

There are several ways of advertising through AdSense.

  • Through websites.
  • Via YouTube Video.
  • Through Mobile Applications (A service called AdMob is used for this, which also works similarly to AdSense).

How do we start this?

The main thing you need to start this business is a website. Apart from this, you must have one domain to run your website. It’s like Android workers are choosing the field of technology and science. So it would be best if you had the following.

  1. A well-researched and chosen domain.
  2. A web hosting that provides good service.
  3. A field of their choice.
  4. Ability to write letters.
  5. Don’t give up.

What is a domain?

I will say. You think that you want to do a vegetable business. So you have to give it a name first. So we need to register a name for it. It’s the same for websites. We need to register its name. Then others cannot use that name. And that’s why you can’t buy what other people use.

There are many types of domains. .com, .net, .org are three of them. So you can register as anyone if that name is available. You need to pay to register the domain. You have to pay it annually. You can buy a domain for about $9, like in Namecheap.

What is hosting?

Let’s take the same old example. Now imagine that you have registered that vegetable business. But you need a place to sell your vegetables, don’t you? For that, you rent a small shop.

So the story of hosting is the same. Your website is placed inside the hosting. Here you have to pay for this hosting as well. And it is necessary to pay annually. You can go to the site called Namecheap and take care of it. I will write the details of connecting these in the next section.

Can we write about something we like?

Yes. Write about illegal things like sex, not things like traveling, science, space, technology, health, geek, or news. I say write alone. No great knowledge is required. Search the internet to install Grammarly free and find facts. Collect them and write the article. When you write an article, the information should be unique. Otherwise, your Adsense will not last long.

How to make the site?

This is the easiest. It takes 10 minutes to build the site. No coding is required. There is a scene just like installing software. We make the site using a content management system called WordPress or CMS. We will bring you about it in the third article. Since this is the first article, only an introduction will be made. But whoever is interested can learn about this by searching YouTube even after reading this.

How to pay us from Adsense?

This thing was put last. When they start doing something, everyone only looks for “How much do you get?” It’s not about the matter, but about how to succeed through this thing. So if you are someone who has read up here without missing anything mentioned before, then you are someone who can do this well.

If you have a website with AdSense and are already running ads, you will be paid a commission through AdSense if someone clicks on an ad on your website.

The amount you pay depends on the platform you use for Adsense. Since you are here to discuss making money through a website, we will only focus on the money you get. 68% of the amount paid by those who give the advertisement to Adwords for a click for an advertisement through a website is paid.

How much do you pay per click?

Generally, payments are made from $0.01 – $15 for an Ad Click. In addition, there are opportunities to pay up to $15-$200 for a limited number of ads. The highest payouts range from $0.01-$4. For visitors from Asian countries, $0.01 -$0.40 is often paid. For countries like America and Europe, $1 more is often received.


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