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Magicbit Lesson 01

What is Arduino?

Arduino is an Integrated Development Environment created using C and C++ computer languages. This program is used to write and enter programs for Arduino boards as well as other boards developed in connection with Arduino.

Installing Magicbit

Magicbit program is developed using ESP32 and Arduino program. This is created using the code available at https://github.com/espressif/arduino-esp32. Therefore, the following steps should be followed to program the Magicbit device using Arduino programming.

  • For this, Arduino IDE version 1.8 or higher must be installed.
  • Open the Arduino program and open the Preferences window from its File menu.
  • Enter the address https://github.com/magicbitlk/arduino-esp32/releases/download/Magicbit/package_magicbit_index.json in its Additional Board Manager URL. Commas can be used if additional URLs are entered.
  • Open the Open Boards Manager window from the Tools > Board menu and install the Magicbit platform. (Important: After installing Magicbit select Magicbit from Tools > Board.)

Activating the Magicbit device

The Magicbit accessory can be powered using a USB cable or using a battery. The device must be connected to the computer via a USB cable to enter programs. When using the Magicbit device for the first time, you can see the features on the screen of the device through the self-test program already included in it.

To see if the drivers required to operate the device correctly are installed correctly, you can check whether the relevant port is displayed through Tools > Port (eg COM1). If it doesn’t show, follow how to enter drivers correctly.

Installing Drivers

Magicbit’s USB-Serial converter uses the CH340 chip. The corresponding drivers come naturally with the Arduino IDE. However, if the device does not show up in the Arduino IDE, drivers must be installed.

Starting a project

  • Open the Arduino IDE if it is not already open.
  • Select Magicbit from Tools->Boards.
  • Select the port related to Magicbit from Tools->Ports.
  • Open the example Blink program available as a preset program via File->Examples->Basic->Blink.
  • Upload the program to the Magicbit using the upload button in the Arduino IDE.
  • If the green LED bulb on the Magicbit blinks, you have successfully started working with the Magicbit!

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