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Microsoft Windows plans to phase out HDD Boot Drives after 2023; Points for which SSD is mandatory.

The reports of Trend Focus, an analyst company in the data storage industry, show that Microsoft may stop using HDD as the primary storage of Windows 11 computers in 2023 and use SSD instead.

In Windows 11’s Hardware Requirements list, Windows 11 requires a storage device of 64 GB or more, but currently, SSD is not the minimum requirement for installing Windows. However, Microsoft already requires SSD as a storage device for Direct Storage and Windows subsystem for Android. By applying SSD as the minimum requirement for two software, it appears that in the future, Microsoft may also use this as the minimum requirement for Windows 11.

HDD Boot Drives

However, when Trend Focus asked Microsoft about this, they said that they could not get a definite answer on this.

SSD is a storage device suitable for operating systems such as Windows faster than HDD. It provides a faster, more responsive user experience. Many laptops and desktop computers already provide SSD for the main drive, and some use HDD as a secondary device to store large files. But some models, especially in developing markets, still use an HDD as the main driver.

Quick SSD vs. HDD Price Comparison

Mr.Duino’s HardwareRetail Price Price-per-Gigabyte
1TB NVMe SK Hynix Platinum P41 SSD$150~$0.14
1TB SATA Crucial BX500 SSD$75~$0.08
1TB Seagate Barracuda$45~$0.05

As shown in the table above, even though SSD prices dropped rapidly in the first few years, HDD storage will still cost much less per gigabyte than SSDs.

SSD Boot Drives

The top 1TB NVMe SK Hynix Platinum P41, which tops the world’s best SSD list, sells for around $0.14 per gigabyte of SSD. The 1TB Crucial BX500 SSD sells a low-end SATA SSD for about $0.08 per gigabyte. However, the 1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD is only $0.05 per 1GB.

Microsoft is not clear about the further actions it will take for this. Trend Focus says this will impact HDD demand next year. But it looks like HDDs will be phased out entirely, and SSDs will soon replace PCs.




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