Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Whats App turns off again 2022

A major social media network’s WhatsApp phone app has experienced an outage. Thus, the WhatsApp service has started experiencing some errors from around 12.30 PM Sri Lanka time today, where WhatsApp users have received a message saying “Connecting WhatsApp”.

Whatsapp down

Downdetector, set up by Ookla, has so far received over 69,000 complaints about the crash and is still receiving information. This crash is reported all over the world and many people have been inconvenienced due to this reason. Out of the messages received so far, 55% of the messages have been reported about errors in sending messages, 40% about server connection errors, and 5% about other errors related to the WhatsApp application.

You can track the latest reports here by visiting the following information in Whats App turns off .


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